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Patients with vaginal cuff dehiscence commonly present within the first several weeks to months after surgery with pelvic pain (60%-100%), vaginal bleeding (30%60%), vaginal discharge (30%), or vaginal pressure/mass (30%).
However, when bowel injury is not suspected, a vaginal technique for dehiscence repair has been described by Matthews et al.
Authors of other studies, including a randomized controlled trial of 64 women undergoing TLH and a meta-analysis of 1,031 hysterectomies, have not found a difference in the rate of cuff dehiscence with barbed versus conventional suture.
In addition, data indicate that closure of the cuff from a vaginal approach results in less cuff dehiscence than laparoscopic and robotic approaches.
Dehiscence of the facial canal was classified in 5 basic groups.
If the dehiscence is before the cog, it is classified as geniculate ganglion dehiscence.
Chronic tissue hypoxia also leads to collagen with inadequate tensile strength which contributes to wound dehiscence (Waldrop & Doughty, 2000).
We did not see any dehiscence in the floor of sella.
Because posterior semicircular canal dehiscence is relatively rare, its clinical implications remain unclear, particularly in a case with bilateral involvement.
Before her study, there had not been a report on wound dehiscence after obstetric or gynecologic surgery since 1977, she said at the meeting, which was held jointly with the annual meetings of Districts VI, VII, and IX of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
3) They found tympanic segment dehiscence in 78 cases and mastoid segment dehiscence in 5 cases.