degrees of freedom

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de·grees of free·dom (d.f.),

in statistics, the number of independent comparisons that can be made between the members of a sample (for example, subjects, test items and scores, trials, conditions); in a contingency table it is one less than the number of row categories multiplied by one less than the number of column categories.
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de·grees of free·dom

(dĕ-grēz' frē'dŏm)
1. The number of planes (e.g., one, two, or three) within which a joint can move.
2. The variety of possible movement combinations that can occur within a segment of the human body.
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degrees of freedom (df)

the number of unrestricted variables in a frequency distribution, a factor that is of great importance in statistical testing. For example, in a simple CHI-SQUARED TEST the number of degrees of freedom is one less than the number of classes (types) of individuals, one d.f. having been lost due to the assumption that a certain proportion of each class is expected. Thus in testing a 9:3:3:1 ratio there are three degrees of freedom.
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de·grees of free·dom

(dĕ-grēz' frē'dŏm)
In statistics, number of independent comparisons that can be made between the members of a sample.
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However, for matrix case, there are a few results about the degrees of freedom of matrix regression.
To use the devices freely and safely, including in public spaces, the WPT technology should provide mobile users with six degrees of freedom at a distance.
The principal issues are defined on the stage of plane motion modelling for arm with 3 degrees of freedom. Transition to six degrees of freedom manipulator arm solid simulation will be realized later.
It consists of two fingers (index and middle) and an opposable thumb; all three fingers have three degrees of freedom each.
The main criteria for the comparison is the number of degrees of freedom (d.o.f.) needed by each method to achieve a given level of accuracy.
Reincarceration: Served Out and Paroled Groups ATTRIBUTE SERVED PAROLED OUT Reincarcerated 40.5% 62.8% Reincarceration New offense 35.5% 1 1.8% Return to 4.0% 51.0% prison(Recommitment or parole violation) Reincarceration Offense (1) (New Crime Only) Drug 36.9% 46.1 % Violent 12.2% 12.7% Property 9.8% 9.4% Theft 15.9% 15.4% Other 25.2% 16.4% (1) Chi square value: 46.63, degrees of freedom = 4, p =.000 Discussion
When energy enters or escapes from an object, it does so by filling or vacating available degrees of freedom [24].
It covers systems with a single degree of freedom, systems with multiple degrees of freedom, distributed-parameter systems, random vibrations, and earthquake engineering.