degenerative chorea

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Hun·ting·ton cho·re·a

(hunt'ing-ton), [MIM*143100]
a neurodegenerative disorder, with onset usually in the third or fourth decade, characterized by chorea and dementia; pathologically, there is bilateral marked atrophy of the putamen and the head of the caudate nucleus. Autosomal dominant inheritance with complete penetrance, caused by mutation associated with trinucleotide repeat expansion in the Huntington gene (HD) on chromosome 4p.
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George, U.S. physician, 1850-1916.
Huntington chorea - an inherited degenerative disorder of the cerebral cortex and corpus striatum. Synonym(s): chronic progressive chorea; degenerative chorea; hereditary chorea; Huntington disease
Huntington disease - Synonym(s): Huntington chorea
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