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Causing a deviation from the normal form.
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According to the direction of metal flow, the deforming force of cold roll-beating is divided into [CFN.
Slab method is a commonly used approximate resolving method for calculating the deforming force in plastic processing.
While solving the deforming force, certain simplifications are made, it is assumed that the work-piece is fixed without moving and roll-beating of the roller on the work only occurs once.
Meanwhile, the stress status of a unit in the deforming zone are following.
Based on the physical model above, assumptions are made while solving the deforming forces as following.
1) The unit in the deforming zone is of three dimensional stress state, the deforming is mainly radial compressing and axial tensile, thus the tangential deforming is neglected and the deforming process can be considered as plane stress state.
2) The contacting shape between the roller and work blank is considered as ideal and the material is homogeneous and isotropic, while instantaneous deforming occurs in the contacting zone with the roller, no deforming occurs in other zones.
4) The volume of work-piece remains unchanged before and after deforming.
5) During deforming process, the equipment and tool are considered as rigid, the centrifugal force and force of gravity are not taken into account.
6) Effect of roll-beating velocity on the deforming force is neglected.
The characteristic dimension of a decoupled explosion, on the other hand, is typically much shorter; a cavity designed to decouple a 1 KT explosion would have walls that move elastically, without deforming, at only 25 meters from the explosion.
A third wave moved through in an undulating motion at an unspecified time later and caused a curvilinear deforming of the ground and walls.