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The CPI and the GDP price index and implicit price deflator are alternative measures of inflation in the U.
After abstracting from short-term movements caused by economic disruptions, recessions, and wars, inflation is ultimately a monetary phenomenon: since 1929, the average annual percentage increase in the GDP deflator has been 2.
Table 5, Table 14, Table 15, and Based on Department of Defense Price Deflator.
But as the high import prices have started to spill over to domestic product prices, the GDP deflator is expected to gradually move toward positive territory.
There is somewhat less evidence against the model when we use the GDP and CPI deflator based measures of inflation.
FIFO value of 12/31/98 inventory $208,000 1997 cumulative deflator index 2.
The purpose of this brief note is to show the extent to which the choice of the deflator can alter the adjustment of a monetary economy to various shocks in a qualitative, and hence important, way.
The annual indexes are based on industry output in terms of current dollars, defined as value added plus the cost of materials, reported in the Annual Survey of Manufactures; the current dollars are converted to constant dollars with deflators from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which are based mostly on producer price indexes published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Implementation of a consumer price index deflator deduction (CPIDD) would bring the areas of the Tax Code relating to capital gains on sale or exchange of various classes of property closer into line with the economic realities of our society.
For both definitions of real money, use their definition of inflation and a new one, log(Pt/Pt-1), where Pt is the Gross Domestic Product deflator at time t.
While this is a reasonable stand-in until something better can be developed, trends in deflators for some categories of intangible capital could be quite different from the GDP deflator.