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To leak fluid from, as in a breast implant
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Table 6, which uses the same format as Table 3, shows that changes in the NAICS 334 deflator had an important impact on total manufacturing pro ductivity.
The CPI and the GDP price index and implicit price deflator are alternative measures of inflation in the U.S.
This decline has offset average annual excess-money growth of 4.9 percent, resulting in an average annual increase in the GDP deflator of 1.8 percent.
Table 5, Table 14, Table 15, and Based on Department of Defense Price Deflator.
Den Haan (2000) found that the correlation of short-horizon forecast errors in the United States are negative or small when real GDP and the GDP deflator measure price and output.
We conclude by presenting our VECM forecast of the core PCE deflator for 2003.
For the PCE deflator, these restrictions are not rejected at the 4 percent significance level.
The copy of the report says mild deflation has been continuing, citing figures from the consumer price index, as well as the GDP deflator.
The adjustment is calculated by applying the following deflators to the financial perspective (at 1999 prices):- A cumulative deflator of 6.12% for the period 2000-2002 to the ceiling for Heading 1 (Agriculture) and Heading 2 (Regional policy).- The cumulative GNP deflator in Euros for 2000-2002 (6.64%) to the other ceilings, apart from Subheading 6 (Monetary reserve), which is expressed in current prices.
These include the Recession Sentinel (real GDP minus GDP deflator), the Recession-Watch Index (probability of a recession), the federal government share of GDP vs.
Under a dual-index method, a cumulative deflator index is computed, employing year-end FIFO costs, and then is used to determine base-year cost.
The findings indicate that when the state value-added is deflated by the state-specific price deflator, rather than by the national GDP deflator, a different picture of productivity convergence emerges.