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The rupture of a breast implant, which is abrupt, obvious and harmless with saline, and slower, less obvious and fibrosing (scarring) with silicone
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1) Yet the deflationists have an unfortunate tendency to lump all credit together in this regard and blithely assume the effects are the same.
This is not to say the deflationists predictions will necessarily turn out to be in incorrect.
The deflationists like to point to the financial crisis of 2008 when the U.
Deflationists about truth seek to undermine debates about the nature of truth by arguing that the truth predicate is merely a device that allows us to express a certain kind of generality.
In Nulty's view these deflationists eschew the metaphysics associated with the robust views of truth, and highlight its logico-linguistic nature, best expressed in the Disquotational Schema: 'P' is true if and only if P.
Indeed the intractable nature of semantic disputes [between localists and holists, between truth conditionalists and verificationists, between deflationists and substantivists, as well as between others] .