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To leak fluid from, as in a breast implant
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In Sections 5-6, we modify the basic setting by introducing an oblique projection that enables us to deflate approximate (possibly generalized) eigenspaces and to introduce a truly deflated GMRes method.
It can not only be set to close at a predetermined speed - between five and 30mph - but also incorporates a facility which allows the units to deflate when passed over by large emergency fire vehicles at speed.
Some implants deflate (or rupture) in the first few months after being implanted and some deflate after several years; yet others are intact 10 or more years after the surgery.
It analyzes and deflates the re-invention of the tradition of the "Freedom Principle" ("any slave who sets foot in France is free") in a compelling way.
When the tire deflates, the vehicle rides on two small oval contact patches at the wheel rim.
In "Teen-Demon Tracts," an essay about new parenting books (page 52), Chris Lehmann deflates hysteria about contemporary teens by turning to the relevant social science (and his own past as something of a juvenile delinquent).
Rita McBride's art deflates the bloated tenets of high-modernist city planning and design and exposes the culs-de-sac of once-nigh-sacred art and architectural presumptions.