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To leak fluid from, as in a breast implant
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When we apply this method of deflating the loan balance with the relevant asset price for mortgage loans, we indeed find that the output index based on the number of mortgage loans closely tracks the index based on the loan balance deflated by a house price index compiled by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
To our knowledge, the first suggestion of an augmented Krylov space method that included both the deflation of the matrix and the corresponding projection of the initial residual came from Nicolaides [48], who submitted on May 13, 1985, such a deflated CG algorithms based on the three-term recursions for iterates and residuals.
Tables 4 and 6 report the results of the relationship between MTB and the study independent variables deflated by book values using equations (1a) and (2a) respectively.
They were sitting in the dressing room pretty deflated and pretty down.
He said three of the truck's tires deflated, and the driver turned right onto Cudworth Road and stopped just past Powerhouse Gym, where the driver was arrested and brought back to Douglas.
2 : to reduce in size or importance <His confidence deflated when he saw the size of his opponent.
After the balloon has been deflated and removed, the endoscope is used to inspect the frontal recess or sinus ostium (figure, I).
While a deflated run flat tyre is designed to cope with the demands of a solo vehicle, the additional mass of a caravan/trailer subjects the tyre to higher stress levels and impacts on the tyre's in-built torsional and lateral stability.
Its vainglorious brandishing of 340 recordings, deflated to 18, then to 13, to 8, and finally to 6, was then pinched down to a mere 25 words allegedly uttered on a single one
Dan wondered about that last trick: Would a ball with less air have deflated his home team's chances of scoring a field goal?
The deflated tire drops onto its contact patch, which means a Pax System tire loses only about 25% of its cornering power and can be driven up to 125 miles at 55 mph.