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To leak fluid from, as in a breast implant
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So he deflated his footballs to make them easier to throw and catch.
It would be ironic - and delicious, for many - to see the great Patriot dynasty brought down by something as insignificant as a deflated football.
This choice leads then in a straightforward way to a 'truly deflated' GMRes and to deflated QMR [28].
Two models have been used to apply the regression for testing the relationship between the variables twice, in the first run the variables will be deflated by the book values of the firm at the end of the year as done in the study of El-Shami and Namerah (2006), in the second run the study variables will be deflated by the capitalization amount for each bank at the end of each year as done in the study of Hadi (2006).
Summary: Berlin, June 07, 2010, SPA -- The airline industry sought to banish two years of misery with an abrupt turnaround in forecasts today, but a plunging euro, scared markets and a shock new German tax proposal deflated the celebration, according to Reuters.
Summary: A deflated Nick Clegg has expressed his disappointment at the Liberal Democrats' poor showing in the General Election.
The emergency landing caused all four tires on the left hand side of the plane to deflate, while two on the right side also deflated, the airline said.
A 22-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man were arrested by officers at Pensarn near Abergele after the vehicle was stopped when a stinger device deflated all its tyres.
These estimates were adjusted for inflation using a single-deflation procedure; that is, the value-added estimates were deflated using price indexes for gross output.
* The gifts still leave each child with a minority interest in Deflated Inc.
(Not without reason did its perky ears protrude over Artforum's logo in the first of the special issues the magazine devoted to the 1980s in 2003.) So it would be easy to see an allegory in "The Inflated Deflated," for which British artist Jonathan Monk took a pin to this pumped-up, mirror-finish homage to the 1980s, reproducing it in a set of flaccid simulacra.