definitive method

de·fin·i·tive meth·od

an analytic procedure for the measurement of a specified analyte in a specified material, which is known to give essentially the true value for the concentration of the analyte.
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Although modern institutions provide various creature comforts and are presumably less draconian than their Quaker templates, a definitive method of rehabilitation has yet to be invented.
Despite the existence of highly sensitive serological assays, small-bowel mucosal biopsy is still considered the gold standard and definitive method for diagnosis of CD13.
Because there is no definitive method to establish the guilt of an accused witch, formal deliberation about the veracity of the allegations was rare.
This approach is a definitive method that students can fall back on to generate the general term without having to spend time formulating a connection between the position of the term and the term itself.
In the ( infographic , "9 Things That Will Make You Happy, According to Science," CashNetUSA explains although happiness means different things to different people, and there's no one definitive method for finding it, there are scientifically proven tips on where to begin.
Genetic testing is the only definitive method to determine if they are at risk.
Spontaneous closure of vesicouterine fistula has been reported.[sup.14] Medical treatment involves induction of amenorrhea to aid in fistula healing.[sup.15] Oral contraceptives, progestational agents, and gonadotropin releasing hormone analogs have been used to induce amenorrhea.[sup.6] Surgery is the definitive method of treatment.
"The attempt at murder having failed, you decided on a more ruthless and definitive method of killing.
Determination of steroid hormones by the use of isotope dilution mass spectrometry: a definitive method in clinical chemistry.
Challenges are inevitable, and my ACE system is not meant to be a panacea, or a definitive method to get past them.
Endotracheal (ET) intubation is the definitive method for airway management.
Utilizing the USDA's 149 MHz technology, the GAC[R] 2500 provides superior accuracy in grain analysis when compared to the air-oven method, the industry-recognized definitive method for determining moisture content in grain.