definitive care

de·fin·i·tive care

(dĕ-fini-tiv kār)
Completed therapy; end point at which all treatment required at the time has occurred.
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By taking patients with multiple, complex and serious major trauma injuries directly to a major trauma centre, they will be treated at a hospital designed for the definitive care of seriously-injured patients with immediate access to Consultant-led care and early CT scanning, which significantly improves patient outcomes.
"Our job is basically to take an intensive care unit with us in the helicopter or plane, fly out to an accident or small rural hospital, stabilise the patient and then transport them safely to definitive care."
The second part of the program, the Minor Definitive Care Now program, treats patients before they ever have to go to the hospital.
Itrefers to a period of 60 minutes or less following injury when immediate definitive care is crucial to a patient's survival.
Both the CSH and field hospital provide essential care within the theater evacuation policy to either return the patient to duty or stabilize the patient for evacuation to a definitive care facility outside the AO.
Current provincial policies dictate that sicker patients should be seen at hospitals and not at CHCs, as definitive care cannot be provided safely for most high-priority patients attending CHCs.
This includes pre-hospital care, stabilising the patient, and arranging for referral in cases where the health provider of first call does not have the facilities necessary to stabilise the patient.GOLDEN HOURbrEmergency treatment, according to the African Federation for Emergency Medicine, is provision of initial resuscitation, stabilisation, and treatment to acutely ill and injured patients, and delivery of those patients to the best available definitive care, regardless of ability to pay.
We also emphasized to our trainees that patients without any definitive care of their illness can still find comfort in the hands of a caring healthcare provider and we did all we could for them.
"In the case of heat stroke, the definitive care is cooling, which may best be performed immediately onsite before transport," said Jolie C.
Furthermore, substantial missing data (almost 40%, Table 6) on discharge status from the EDs raises a concern about the deficit in monitoring mechanism to ensure access to definitive care.
That is, if transfers are infrequent and definitive care is available in many institutions, there is little regionalization.