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a statement of the meaning of a word or phrase.
conceptual definition an identification of the personal knowledge or connotative meaning of a word. These meanings are often difficult to express; the meaning is “known” but not easily put into words.
operational definition a definition, method, or procedure used to measure or represent a concept or variable in a specific situation.
target definition the definition of a specific target that is identified on the intervention scheme of the omaha system.
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In optics, the power of a lens to give a distinct image.
See also: resolving power.
[L. de-finio, pp. -finitus, to bound, fr. finis, limit]
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Imaging The clearly delineated limit of a thing visible by the eye. Cf Resolution.
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In optics, the power of a lens to give a distinct image.
See also: resolving power
[L. de-finio, pp. -finitus, to bound, fr. finis, limit]
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Q. What is the Definition of Anemia? My doctor told me I have anemia, based on my latest blood tests. What is anemia?

A. In laymans terms it is low iron. Most women get it sometime in their lives due to menstration and other factors. You need to increase your iron intake. Lots of beets, beans, spinich, and lots of other foods can help.

Q. what is the definition of Autism? how would i know if one is autistic and the other one is not , or has only minor disorder ?

A. Autism is a brain development disorder that is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior, all starting before a child is three years old. This set of signs distinguishes autism from milder autism spectrum disorders (ASD) such as pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. Diagnosis should be made if suspected, by a specialits in child psychiatry or child developement.

Q. What is the definition of Autism?

A. Autism is defined by symptoms from each of the following three categories: qualitative impairment in social interaction, impairment in communication, and restricted repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior or interests.

By definition, the onset of autistic disorder is before the age of 3 years, although in some cases, it is not recognized until a child is much older.

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