defining characteristics

de·fin·ing char·ac·ter·is·tics

(dĕ-fīn'ing kar'ăk-tĕr-is'tiks)
nursing Signs and symptoms associated with a specific nursing diagnosis.
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In 2015, the Exemplary Recognition Program was modified, in light of the commitment described above, to align with the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Schools (NSBECS) and the Defining Characteristics of Effective Catholic Schools.
They join the 21 returning members of the club whose national organization indicates achievement, character, and leadership as its defining characteristics.
She discusses how and why 18th-century Ireland became a less hospitable place for Scots Presbyterian settlers of Ulster, the history of Scots Presbyterian migration to Ireland, and how British policies on colonizing Ireland reconfigured Ulster in ways that drove Scots settlers to immigrate to the US; the migratory patterns of Scots Irish immigrants who came to Pennsylvania, the factors that drew them to the state, the defining characteristics of their migration, and the diversity of the group and their experiences; the multiple communities the Scots Irish founded after they arrived in Pennsylvania; Scots Irish cultural violence directed against Native Americans during the 1760s; the Scots Irish experience during the revolutionary era; and their legacy.
Speaking at the US Saudi embassy in New York, during Crown PrincePrince Mohammed binSalman's visit to the city, Pagano added: "The defining characteristics of the Red Sea project are 50 of the most beautiful islands, and what I would argue is the most best coral reef in the world."
Class warfare, the appropriation of public resources for private benefit, systemic violence against women--these painfully contemporary conditions were also defining characteristics of England in the sixteenth century, when the enclosure movement consolidated privatization of common land even as hysterical panic about witchcraft lead to widespread persecution of women.
Huawei's 5G product solutions are entirely based on 3GPP standards, with full range, full scenario, and all-cloud being the defining characteristics. The featured products are also the only available options within the industry to provide 5G E2E capabilities.
Bank, diversity and inclusion are defining characteristics of our company and culture," said Greg Cunningham, head of global inclusion and diversity for U.S.
Accessibility is one of the project's defining characteristics,' Leviste added.
"This is turning out to be one of the defining characteristics of the present generation of silvers."
She can now add cowardice to chaos as the defining characteristics of this Tory Brexit disaster.
These records were reviewed to identify defining characteristics and related risks factors, which were classified into major, moderate, and minor.