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a unit of relative power intensity equal to one tenth of a bel, used for electric or acoustic power measurements; one decibel equals approximately the smallest difference in acoustic power the human ear can detect and an increase of 10 decibels approximately doubles the loudness of a sound. Abbreviated dB or db.
 Examples of decibel levels in everyday situations. From Frazier et al., 1996.


Abbreviation for dubnium.


, db
Abbreviation for decibel.


Abbreviation for:
database (Medspeak-UK)
date of birth (Medspeak-UK)
decidua basalis
deep breath
demineralised bone
dense body
dextran blue
diet beverage
direct bilirubin
disruptive behaviour
DNA binding
dot blot
double blind
downstream box
duodenal bulb


Abbreviation for decibel.


Abbreviation for decibel.
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For the new defined-benefit programs, premiums are to be paid basically by companies, but can also be paid by workers subject to their agreement.
* Defined-benefit plan assets were allocated 62% to equity, 28% to fixed income and 10% to other investments.
* Single-employer, multiemployer and multiple-employer defined-benefit health and welfare plans should separately report benefit obligations, including postretirement benefit obligations, determined under Statement no.
* Unlike under defined-benefit plans, annual premiums don't have to be paid into the government-sponsored Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.
There is anecdotal evidence that not all this activity is robust - for example, we are hearing evidence of target- ed sales operations seeking out defined-benefit scheme members to persuade them to transfer.
Pentegra Retirement Services, a White Plains, N.Y.-based provider of retirement plans, is optimistic that the time is ripe to reconsider defined-benefit plans.
A REPORT FROM the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that having a defined-benefit plan at age 65 reduces the risk of retiring with inadequate income for boomers and Generation X workers by almost 12 percentage points.
Public pensions gained substantial attention due to the need for governments to contribute additional amounts to underfunded defined-benefit pension plans when budgets were already constrained.
If I survive to retirement, I will receive a defined-benefit pension for which I'm exceedingly grateful.
Defined-benefit pension plans are consistently earning higher rates of return than 401(k) plans, according to an analysis released in February.
Midlands companies with defined-benefit pension schemes are becoming more concerned about the impact it is having on their business, according to the annual PwC Pensions Survey.