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In the 27 defilement cases going on, 11 cases have been successfully determined.
The Buddha taught that the "original mind" is luminous, but it is soon spoiled by outside defilements. Spiritual work is ridding the mind of defilements, which renders it luminous again.
She said his enlightenment became the four noble truths that raised him to a State of supreme liberation, Nirvana.Dr Fehmida said that this was the perfect state of mind that was free from any ignorance, greed, hatred and any afflictive defilements. She said that according to Dharma belief Nirvana was also known as the end of the World where no boundaries or personal identity of the mind remains.
While such a requirement is assumed in rabbinic literature, the stipulation cannot be found in Leviticus, unless it is extrapolated from the requirement that men bathe after less serious defilements (e.g., Lev.
Unless we use insight meditation to remove the dirt at the bottom of the jar, we can never really be free from defilements.
The mind may be clouded by such defilements as desire, anger and ignorance, but meditation allows you to `see' these limitations and how they affect your thinking and decision-making.