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a state of being in deficit.

Patient discussion about deficient

Q. haemoglobin deficiency Haemoglobin deficiency - 6.3 rbc count less than normal range. platelets are 157000

A. what you describe here is pretty harsh numbers. very very low hemoglobin, low platelets level...have you checked for white blood cells? i recommend seeing a Dr. ASAP. with these numbers there is a good chance that you'll bleed from places that are not supposed to bleed.

Q. Recently I came to know after a test that I am vitamin D deficient so how much vitamin D should I take? I am 26 yrs old and I have fibromyalgia. Recently I came to know after a test that I am vitamin D deficient so how much vitamin D should I take?

A. what is a normal level of vitamin d for a 65 yr old woman?

Q. what can be done for spontaneous hypothermia? is there a deficiency of hormones or anything that can be taken

A. hypothermia can be caused by al sort of things. Some bacterial infections, poisoning, aciduria , hypothyroidism and more. Is this the only symptom? I’m sure there are some others. But I think this could be a good idea to check up with a Dr.

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She said the legislation "provides a long overdue initial investment to help repair and replace New Hampshire's structurally deficient bridges while put ting Granite Staters to work.
IDS finds the level of structurally deficient bridges trending down in most states over the 25-year period.
Federal Highway Administration reveals a remarkable decline of structurally deficient bridges to 55,309 (9 percent of nationwide inventory) in 2016 from 118,757 (21 percent of the inventory) back in 1992.
Many reports have emphasized on the risk of kernicterus in G6PD deficient neonates and thus more aggressive treatment is indicated.
Consistent with microbicidal function of MPO, the MPO deficient mice were more likely than the wild-type mice to be infected or die from infection employing various models, suggesting that the MPO-dependent oxidative system is important for host defense against fungi and bacteria [5, 6, 9].
Looking at the conservation status of the observed tree species, 2% were critically-endangered, 2% endangered, 10% vulnerable, 4% of least concern and 82% have data deficient so cannot be determined (Fig.
Mother frogs were given diets containing adequate or deficient amounts of DHA, and their embryos were examined every 10 weeks for up to 60 weeks.
A diet deficient in vitamin D causes osteomalacia in adults and rickets in children.
Adults who were moderately deficient in vitamin D had a 53% increased risk of developing dementia.
M2 PHARMA-September 1, 2014-Affinity Biologicals launches Factor VIII, Factor IX Deficient plasma products in Canada, Europe
com)-- The key products in this new line of plasmas include the Factor VIII Deficient and the Factor IX Deficient.
The critical levels are the usually advocated threshold limits separating the sufficient from deficient levels of soil nutrients (Silvertooth, 2001).

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