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other snakes in Western Australia, such as Death Adders and Black snakes, may cause paralysis and/or rhabdomyolysis, the other features of Tiger snake envenoming, but without defibrination coagulopathy.
Cardiac compressions, defibrination, and more drugs brought the patient's heart rate back to normal.
16] This possibility is suggested by the very low fibrinogen level seen in four of our cases and numerous reports describing defibrination as a serious complication of head injury in adults and children.
That's a big advantage over the defibrination process the developed world uses.
More recently, the chromogenic substrate was replaced by a fluorogenic one (6), thus allowing the TGT to be run without defibrination in not only platelet-free but also platelet-rich plasma, a possibility that had not been feasible until then because of the turbidity of the testing mixture.
The important exception follows bites by the boomslang, a slender, often arboreal, snake that causes significant coagulopathy, including internal and external haemorrhage, defibrination, thrombocytopenia, and wide-spread ecchymoses over a period of days (rather than hours).
Complexing of tissue plasminogen activator with PAI-1, a2-macroglobulin, and C1-inhibitor: studies in patients with defibrination and a fibrinolytic state after electroshock or complicated labor.