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1 defer

(dĕ-fer′) [Fr. différer, to differ, fr L. diferre, carry in different directions, differ]
To delay or postpone a decision or action.

2 defer

(dĕ-fer′) [Fr. déférer, fr L. deferre, to carry down, report, accuse]
To yield respectfully to the opinions or desires of others.
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For payroll deferral into an HSA through a Section 125 plan, the employer must reduce the employees' pay by the amount of the deferral and contribute that money directly into the employees' HSA.
Screening, however, can lead to temporary or permanent deferral of the potential donors, thus reducing the size of the donor pool.
AABB and blood bank guidelines were used for selection and deferral of blood donors.8
As required, he notified his mortgage company, which assured him it understood that he had been granted a tax deferral and would no longer need to have his taxes paid from his escrow account.
For insignificant failures-say, one or two participants making impermissible deferrals for less than a year-sponsors have essentially unlimited time to self-correct, Watson says.
There was a great variability found in deferral rates according to geographical region, and it varies from 5% to 24%, which causes a great loss to nation.
The rate and reasons for deferral differ from region to region and from one centre to other.
'And even then, those that would be subject to the deferral period should be able to donate blood if they agree to return for an HIV test 30 days after donating," Mr.
The document would supplant prior guidance, issued in 1985, which recommended permanent deferral for men who have sex with men (MSM) and women who had sex with them.
"This recommended change is consistent with the recommendation of an independent expert advisory panel, the HHS Advisory Committee on Blood and Tissue Safety and Availability, and will better align the deferral period with that of other men and women at increased risk for HIV infection.
Hyundai Motor America, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company (KSE: 005380), has added a new payment deferral programme to its Assurance programme.
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