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conducting or progressing away, as from a center or specific site of reference.
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(def'ĕr-ent), Avoid the misspelling defferent. Do not confuse this word with different.
Carrying away.
[L. deferens, pres. p. of defero, to carry away]
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(dĕf′ər-ənt, dĕf′rənt)
1. Anatomy Carrying down or away. Used of a duct or vessel.
2. Serving or adapted to carry or transport.
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Carrying away.
[L. deferens, pres. p. of defero, to carry away]
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Carrying away.
[L. deferens, pres. p. of defero, to carry away]
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Q. What is the most common preventable cause of children developmental delay?

A. Nutritional problems. Mal nutrition is the most preventable yet still has a big death toll and a vast developmental issue all over the world. Vitamin poor nutrition, mineral poor nutrition and in third world countries even protein poor nutrition leads to mental and physical retardation. It can be prevented easily. All it needs is a little sympathy…

Q. What is the most common preventable cause of childhood development delay?

A. The most common cause of severe developmental delay (essentially mental retardation) is genetic abnormalities (or more accurately, cytogenetic abnormalities due to abnormal chromosomes). Other cause include damage during the pregnancy such as infections or serious diseases in the mother, damage (such as choking or insufficient blood supply to the fetus) during labor and metabolic diseases such as PKU or hypothyroididsm that affect young babies.

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Q. Have food supplements like Ginkgo Biloba been proven to delay memory disorders?

A. Many people are interested in the health benefits of food supplements, hoping that natural substances can have the same efficacy as drugs. The answer to this specific question is NO. A recent study that was published after testing 3,000 people has shown no difference between those who took Ginkgo and those who didn’t. There is no food supplement, including Ginkgo Biloba that was scientifically proved to have the capacity to prevent or delay Dementia. Eating Romaine lattice, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach have shown good results. Fish with Omega 3 have shown good results too.

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The males from the 3 pairs that had fertilized eggs were reexamined endoscopically, and the absence of a continuous deferent duct was confirmed in all cases (Fig 8).
Type III: It is associated with genitourinary anomalies, other than persistent Mullerian duct (13-20%): hypospadias, pseudohermaphroditism, seminal vesicle cyst, scrotal abnormalities, common deferent duct, and horseshoe kidney.
The male reproductive system of Phrynops geoffroanus consists of a pair of testes, from which narrow efferent ductules emerge to form the epididymis, which uncoil in the caudal portion and continue on to the deferent duct, all of which are involved by the urogenital mesentery.
Deforestation and land use changes in deferent slope position cause total nitrogen (N) to be decreased.
Based on this information and deferent models of calculation ROI we can get information about effectiveness of investments in testing.
We have, as a civilisation, been proud of the fact that we respect older people and are deferent to the point of servitude with our parents and elders.
In the session, several Iranian companies voiced desire to set up deferent investment projects in domain of electricity, banking and fisheries sectors in Yemen.
The local community will play an active role in the cultural seine in the city as deferent events will take place in many sites.
I don't think we should be deferent to our politicians or anybody else.