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1 defer

(dĕ-fer′) [Fr. différer, to differ, fr L. diferre, carry in different directions, differ]
To delay or postpone a decision or action.

2 defer

(dĕ-fer′) [Fr. déférer, fr L. deferre, to carry down, report, accuse]
To yield respectfully to the opinions or desires of others.
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Richard Jones - there is no time limit to how long you can defer your pension
They may thus defer an unlimited amount of their compensation.
* Use Installment Sale To Defer Gain On Sales: Ordinarily, the entire profit from a sale is taxable in the year of sale.
* The decision to defer compensation must be made within the first 30 days of an employee's eligibility
Among their other attributes, these bonds offer you the chance to defer federal taxes on the income until it is realized.
409A applies to stock arrangements, distributions and the election to defer compensation.
While tax-deferred growth on income is still attractive, participants with large account balances have become increasingly concerned they may not see the compensation they elected to defer.
He suggests prepaying some portion of advertising, insurance, supplies and utilities to defer payment of selfemployment and income taxes.
409A restricts the ability of executives to control the deferral compensation and applies rigorous standards to the timing of elections to defer compensation and the form and timing of the eventual receipt of those deferrals.
It said IRC section 125, which governs cafeteria plans, allows employees to defer, tax-free, part of their salaries to purchase certain benefits.
Employees eligible for both plans can defer up to 6 percent of their eligible compensation into the savings plan, but they can defer up to 20 percent to the deferred-compensation plan.
A variable annuity, however, may be appropriate for investors who want an aggressive approach (especially those with a longer life expectancy) and the ability to shelter or defer income from current taxation.