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The defense wound up forcing a three-and-out, which kept the score tied at 14.
Probers, meanwhile, said there was no defense wound found on the body of the student.
Civil defense wound up as a "therapy of choice," a way to inform people about danger but beat back panic.
PAO forensic expert Erwin Erfe said Arnaiz sustained five gunshot wounds-three in the center of the chest, one on the left side of the chest and another in the back of his right arm, 'which looked like a defense wound.'
-- Bryce Torneden and Mike Lee reach returned interceptions for touchdowns and Kansas' defense wound up with 3 picks and recovered 3 fumbles en route to a blowout win over Rutgers, the Jayhawks' first back-to-back wins over FBS opponents since 2009.
'These were defense wounds, meaning she was [still conscious] when stabbed and she was fighting for her life,' Monsalve added.
"Whitney's body shows classic defense wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life," he told the Enquirer.

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