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n 1. an omission of that which should be done.
v 2. to fail to fulfill an obligation or a promise.
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The defaulters have been strongly warned to deposit their dues at earliest, otherwise their electricity will not be restored and strict legal action would be taken against them.
On the other hand the defaulters are warned if they did not paid the arrears and current dues, strict legal action will also be initiated against them.
Legal experts said making security cheques not enough to arrest defaulters and convict them partially allays fears of clients of banks and financial firms.
The survey found that knowing a defaulter does not completely tarnish consumers' view of housing as a safe investment.
Ninety-two percent of Owners who know defaulters say owning makes more sense than renting, compared to 89 percent of Owners who do not know defaulters.
When fine defaulters were bailed or arrested and taken to court they appeared before a panel of magistrates at a Fines Court, where their fines were reviewed.
The United Bank Ltd (UBL) was asked to provide the court the list of loan defaulters whose names were placed on the ECL.
Reports show just seven major criminals were charged between 2002 and last year in comparison with 25 to 30 minor defaulters being sent to proson each day.
MORE than 60 fine defaulters across North Wales were given a rude awakening in a series of early-morning raids.
Indian banking secretary, Gurdial Singh Sandhu, has asked commercial banks in the nation to take action against Kingfisher Airlines by declaring the airline a wilful defaulter.
application by the defaulter within six months since the bill statute is
LIQUOR baron Vijay Mallya is in for more trouble as IDBI Bank is poised to declare him a wilful defaulter over the ` 750 crore in unpaid dues of grounded Kingfisher Airlines.