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n 1. an omission of that which should be done.
v 2. to fail to fulfill an obligation or a promise.
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Given its position as the ultimate default font, the appearance of Times in a book, document, or advertisement connotes a certain apathy--it says "I submitted to the font of least resistance.
From this screen you can configure your default font, including colour, bold, italic etc.
The program lets users: select volume, speed and pitch of the reading voices; choose speech and highlighting speeds and increments; change the default font, style, color and size of the text; control movement through the text (automatic and manual stepping); and take notes and receive speech feedback while typing.
Calc2 is fully configurable, allowing users to change the font of any field and change the default font, show or hide the calculator or CalcSheet, control the size and format of all numbers, and determine where comments will appear.