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n 1. an omission of that which should be done.
v 2. to fail to fulfill an obligation or a promise.
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Still in default of practical experience what was the value of mere theories?
They have been in her family as servants; and, in default of any other school to receive them, she has, in many cases, had them instructed in a family school, with her own children.
Sometimes this was brilliant beyond words, including a certain youthful Monte Cristo, who on Fridays expended thirty cents on a round trip ticket and traveled from Wareham to Riverboro merely to be near Huldah; sometimes, too, the circle was reduced to the popcorn-and-peanut boy of the train, who seemed to serve every purpose in default of better game.
The Sunday papers printed separate editions as further news came to hand, some even in default of it.
New York: Nearly 70% of next year's defaults are expected to come from weak issuers concentrated in broadcasting/media, retail, and energy, Fitch Ratings forecasts in its latest Leveraged Loan Default Insight report.
The global speculative-grade default rate continued its downward path in May, sliding to 7.
Global and US default rates decrease for first time since January 2008
During last year's final three months, lenders sent 37,273 default notices to homeowners, the most since the third quarter of 1998, according to DataQuick Information Systems.
Importantly, it also provided that if Bentley was not "in monetary default under the Lease at any time" (emphasis supplied) during the first three years of the lease, then the guaranty would terminate.
In Los Angeles County, which is notorious for its sloppy summons service and zealous prosecution of alleged fathers it knows to be innocent, nearly 80 percent of paternity establishments come in the form of default judgments.
01 percent set in 1991, when the universe of issuers was much smaller, and far surpassing 2000's global default rate of 2.
2000-36, the IRS approved a company's plan to make an IRA rollover the default option for cashed-out benefits.