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The focus of this article is on the scope of defamatory meaning, namely, what kinds of imputations are legally treated as being defamatory.
Despite the significant barriers to obtaining removal of online comments, companies need not heed Dante's familiar warning--"Abandon hope all ye who enter here"--when faced with negative and defamatory online reviews.
2002), for the proposition that republication of a defamatory statement may retrigger the statute of limitations if the republication actually reaches a new audience, but that mere addition of unrelated information to a website "cannot be equated with the repetition of a defamatory matter in a separately published edition of a book or news paper.
Apart from that, defamatory charges and actions for misuse of private information have also been initiated against offender in the cyber world.
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has already filed the first defamatory case against Dr.
The second suspect also printed a defamatory book insulting "the Mother of the Believers" Aisha with the consent of the library's owner who was also arrested.
Meanwhile, the m dmi Party ( P), which has already reportedly fallen prey to spurious activity on social media, has approached Facebook and Twitter against fake pages created in the party's name that host content bordering on the defamatory.
Indicating that the government has to back up its argument with concrete evidence and documents, Ecakyr said that the Hizmet movement, which is made of volunteers serving their nation without any financial expectations, doesn't deserve such harsh, defamatory statements.
The case could have far-reaching effects on freedom of speech on the internet as the highest civil court in the state considers whether Texas courts can force individuals to remove remarks from the internet if they are found to be false or defamatory.
Although the Supreme Court has never held that an injunction is a permissible remedy for defamation, the past decade has seen a veritable surge in injunctions directed at defamatory speech, especially speech on the Internet.
Hoffman used the illegally-acquired data to publish a defamatory book about Kate.
that the words, pictures or sounds of said broadcasts or postings were libelous or defamatory.