deepithelization (dēep´ithē´lizā´shən),

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Considering the patient's concern surgical deepithelization with scalpel, blade and diode laser was performed and compared.
And the treatment modality chosen for this particular case was deepithelization using diode laser at 810nm wavelength and 4.
Procedure: After anesthetizing the area (for the patient comfort) deepithelization was done using with Denlase diode laser (fig 2b) and was aceclofenac -parecetamol combination SOS and post operative instructions were given.
Depigmentation is treated by using numerous techniques like deepithelization with scalpel, laser, gingival abrasion with diamond bur, Gingivectomy, Gingivectomy with free gingival graft, Electrosurgey, Cryosurgery, and with Chemical agents.