deep places

deep plac·es

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Quasimodo stationed himself in front of this open throat; he crouched and rose with the oscillations of the bell, breathed in this overwhelming breath, gazed by turns at the deep place, which swarmed with people, two hundred feet below him, and at that enormous, brazen tongue which came, second after second, to howl in his ear.
Krupnick's title, Jewish Writing and the Deep Places of the Imagination, alludes to a central theme in the work of Trilling.
A carefully selected passage drawn from the rich abundance of Merton's writing leads us into deep places within ourselves and offers insights into the paradoxes of life.
They are different in approach, but what they have in common is the view that this music "speaks to the deep places of the soul, especially those places attendant to seasons of suffering" in the words of one of the artists.
In 1995, Japan, the only other nation showing much interest in exploring these deep places, landed an unmanned probe on the bottom of the Trench, near the Pacific island of Guam.
The only other two people ever to have ventured to this deepest of deep places were sent by the U.
Deep places, pits and holes in the ground make me nervous.
That has some places to go, deep places where many mental activities are triggered in the viewer.
It's a long, arduous book to read, but it touched me in deep places, and, judging from its sales record, it touched millions of other women as well.
Shane Howarth, attacking fast from deep places, in concert with two big and dangerous wings, would seem to be Wales' most dangerous armament.
Regretting that he had abandoned the South, the author hears "the call of the South's beauties, complexities, and contradictions" and, he explains, "decided to seek the source of that distant and enchanting music, echoing in the deep places of what I am" (21).
So I have offered phenomenological, if highly judgmental, descriptions of how various Jewish intellectuals have or have not achieved access in their writing to the deep places of the imagination.