deep layer

deep lay·er

in a stratified structure, the stratum that lies beneath all others, farthest from the surface. See: deep layer of levator palpebrae superioris, deep layer of temporal fascia.
Synonym(s): lamina profunda [TA], deep lamina
References in classic literature ?
Along the tops of the bars were deep layers of dust--a further indication that the passage had lain long unused.
With war spears they loosened the thick, black loam and the deep layers of rotting vegetation.
Hamsters love to burrow and hence a deep layer of bedding (wood shavings, beet pulp etc) must be laid at the base of the cage.
A 15cm deep layer of insulating material such as bark chips, bracken or straw is needed.
But the reality is rather different - the inside of our shed is in chaos, with plant pots and seed trays scattered and everything coated in a deep layer of something you don't want to think about as you tuck into your Saturday morning coffee and croissants
For a present with a contemporary twist, invest in a Kneelo (TM), a new garden kneeler from Burgon & Ball, which comes in six funky colours and contains a deep layer of shock absorbing EVA foam and a cushioning layer of memory foam, cov-v ered in neoprene and a quick-dry, wipe-clean nylon coating.
Kneelo garden kneeler from Burgon & Ball comes in six funky colours and contains a deep layer of shock absorbing EVA foam (pounds 14.
The Gateshead International Stadium pitch was last night covered with a deep layer of snow.
Waves deposited a three-foot deep layer of coal on the beach, sparking a coal rush for the second time that year, with locals using everything from lorries and cars to bikes and bogies to carry the black treasure from the shore.
Or, one of any number of ballparks in the East covered under a deep layer of the white stuff.
As forest fires decimated 21,000 hectares of pines, olive groves and scrubland north-east of Athens last week with around 60 houses completely destroyed, 150 others damaged and cars and outbuildings burnt, the capital was shrouded in a deep layer of noxious smoke.
From the earliest days of its history, there is a deep layer of Messianic consciousness in the mind of America.