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The femoral vein ascends and receives venous drainage from the profunda femoris vein, or the deep femoral vein, and after this confluence, it is the common femoral vein.
Herein, we report a sixteen-year-old female that developed thrombosis in the deep femoral vein while undergoing treatment for H1N1 pneumonia.
Doppler ultrasonography showed a hyperechogenic thrombus with non-compressibility in the left deep femoral vein. Enoxaparin 1 mg [kg.sup.-1] b.i.d.
She has calf tenderness and edema, and an ultrasound obtained that day shows an acute thrombus in the deep femoral vein. You plan to start her on low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) as an outpatient.
You obtain a lower extremity ultrasound, which shows proximal deep vein thrombosis in the deep femoral vein on the right.