deductive reasoning

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deductive reasoning,

n the ability to distill the pertinent facts and details of a situation from a wider body of evidence and generalizations.
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Working memory capacity and the construction of spatial mental models in comprehension and deductive reasoning.
Arguably the most important of these fatwas was the one propounded by Al-Sharthoury in the twelfth century, in which he decried the use of deductive reasoning as sinful and denounced those who resorted to such methods as possessed by the devil.
Finally, Stylianides and Stylianides (2008) discuss the link between deductive reasoning and mathematics.
Open-ended questions that allow students the freedom to reach the solution in their own way and allow for both inductive and deductive reasoning work best for both boys and girls (Halpern, 2002; Spelke, 2005).
Remy thinks critically and solves problems, and in doing so, he shows us how we can use critical-thinking skills such as creativity, risk-taking, curiosity, and deductive reasoning in domains other than those in which they were originally learned.
When conducting class discussions over content, encourage students to use deductive reasoning when answering questions.
Cognitive intelligence (logical-mathematical): This area has to do with logic, abstractions, inductive and deductive reasoning and numbers.
Jake's persistence and his deductive reasoning take him from one small town to another, giving the reader a tour of Oklahoma and some interesting characters.
7) Accordingly, he took deductive reasoning in the form of a practical syllogism to be of central importance tance in legal reasoning: To justify a decision is to apply a pertinent rule to the facts of the case.
The class helps students with deductive reasoning and problem solving, said science teacher Liz Virnelson, who brought the class to the school.
Chappell and Overton (2002) examined the deductive reasoning and school performance of African American adolescents and the relation of reasoning and school performance to socioeconomic status, ethnic identity, and self-esteem.
We will focus on the science behind solving crime and students will develop their practical and deductive reasoning skills.