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Relating to a decubitus ulcer.


Etymology: L, decumbere, to lie down
pertaining to bedsores.


Relating to a decubitus ulcer.


(de-ku'bi-tus) [L., a lying down]
Pressure sore.
2. A patient's position in bed. decubital (-tal), adjective

dorsal decubitus

Lying on the back.

lateral decubitus

Lying on the side.

ventral decubitus

Prone positioning. Also known as supine positioning.
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Nursing management includes preventing decubital ulceration, aspiration pneumonia, and urine scald in addition to physical therapy and enteral or parenteral nutrition.
Pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasias of the skin (97,98) (Figure 6, A and B), acroangiodermatitis, (99) myositis ossificans (100,101) (Figure 7, A through D), atypical (ischemic) decubital fibroplasia, (102) tumefactive synovial chondrometaplasia, (103) necrotizing sialometaplasia, (104) gliosis, (105) nephrogenic urothelial metaplasia (106) (Figure 8, A and B), inflammatory polyps of the anorectal region, (107) colitis cystica profunda, (108) florid reactive mesothelial proliferations (109) (Figure 9, A and B), tumorlike chronic pancreatitis, (110) and radiotherapy-induced tissue reactions (111) (Figure 10, A and B) are all examples of this category.
Diabetes mellitus and a large decubital ulcer on the right heel developed.