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To convert encrypted electronic information to plain text.
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The tool can decrypt the content of system and user keychains, exporting full information into an unencrypted XML file or building a plain text dictionary for using with password recovery tools.
A decryption key extracted from the Mac OS computer is required to decrypt system keychain.
The researchers say that they have used the so-called BioVault infrastructure to provide a safe and secure way for "Alice" and "Bill" to share biometric tokens, and so use their fingerprints, iris pattern, or other biometric to encrypt and decrypt their data without their biometrics being intercepted.
To decrypt the message, all the recipient needs is your password.
Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can obtain the escrow key and instantly decrypt BlackBerry Password Keeper containers extracted from BlackBerry 10 backups.
All Venux programs can connect to the most popular remote services including Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox to access, store, encrypt, decrypt, and share data.
Positioned at the email server, the SMG automatically encrypts and decrypts internet email leaving and entering a company's email stream.
While a hash function is one-way and ostensibly provides some measure of security for the storage of the passwords, Passware Kit decrypts Windows hashes and recovers the stored passwords.
releases Elcomsoft Password Digger, a Windows tool to decrypt the content of Mac OS X keychains.
Nothing in the historical record shows that Roosevelt, Stimson, or McCloy attached any particular significance to any specific MAGIC decrypt, let alone to the vanishingly tiny fraction that mentioned a desire to enlist Nisei spies.