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To convert encrypted electronic information to plain text.
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This is easy to understand since more colluding providers indicate more encryptions and decryptions for each record and these cryptographic operations are very time consuming.
At the same time, the publisher randomly selects m + 1 decryption providers, [mathematical expression not reproducible], from P and sends their addresses to each provider.
For such systems, the decryption of data is typically handled by a central decryption server.
There are suggestions for practical blind decryption based on public-key cryptography [5, 6, 12-14].
In an identity-based broadcast encryption system, the encryption and the decryption are based on receivers' identities, in which the users in a normal broadcast encryption are usually indexed sequentially from 1 to n.
[7], even the one that outside the system can learn the target set, because the decryption algorithm needs the information of the whole set as input to decrypt messages.
As such, to explore speech encryption methods that have a high level of security and efficiency and high speed in decryption while retaining excellent audio quality is an urgent issue.
In the decryption process, approximate calculation method is used to recover the original speech signals.
It is the fundamental questions relating to the NSA's decryptions that seem to be off-limits to those who write about Venona.
If the distance between the malicious nodes on the path is k +1, then in average [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] oracle decryptions are required, where N is the number of honest routers in the network.
In this paper, we build our solution based on a probabilistic public-key cryptosystem that supports rerandomization of a ciphertext, and the threshold decryption.
Encryption or decryption speed may be traded off against security, indirectly or directly.