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Yet 93 years later, the iconic Visva-Bharati University in Santiniketan, West Bengal, appears to have entered a patch of academic and administrative decrepitude.
L'ire royale qui avait ebranle cette lethargie sinistre en est, en fait, une illustration flagrante de cette decrepitude.
Your slender attitude Trembles not exquisite like limbs knife-skewed, Rolling and rolling there Where God seems not to care: Till the fierce love they bear Cramps them in death's extreme decrepitude.
The decrepitude and old-world shabbiness of the Jewish Center of Brighton Beach made it a curious choice to host Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's meeting with South Brooklyn's numerous Soviet emigres last night.
In that Instagram account are a series of images of Russian troops and their equipment that show a force emerging from a long period of decrepitude.
However, unlike its predecessor, Leger's canvas pays little heed to the cityscape as it actually existed; rather than broadcast the decrepitude of Paris in 1919, when dire fuel shortages and labor unrest brought the city to a standstill, The City activates the rhythms of traffic and commerce by pictorial means, designating the metropolis as a psychosomatic effect above all.
He would appear to have assumed the Chilean he abused is in the throes of decrepitude.
Happily, however, it's a film that doesn't coast along on the back of its starry cast, with a couple of scenes focusing on the fears of looming decrepitude going a lot deeper than you might expect.
Some days I feel world-weary and the prospect of living long into the years of decrepitude fills me with horror.
For my part, I'm happy to have made it this long; it's the decrepitude, not the age, that bothers me.
Sudhakaran's slanderous attack on the character of the Suryanelli rape victim is a shocking comment on the extent of our moral decrepitude.
Then of course there are the mental signs of decrepitude.