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Crackling; the snapping of certain salts when heated.
[L. de, from, + crepo, pp. crepitus, to crackle]
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This clearly indicates that the decrepitation of the silicon electrode mainly occurs during the first three cycles and greatly affects the electrode cycle life.
On silicon electrode for Li-ion batteries, the AE measurements tends to indicate that the electrode decrepitation is mainly due to the abrupt volume variation related to the formation (in charge) and disappearance (in discharge) of the crystalline [Li.sub.15][Si.sub.4] phase.
We have previously studied the fluid inclusions of this deposit in detail [48, 49] and found that the homogenization temperature and salinity of sphalerite fluid inclusions in Kuangshanchang are the same as those of the Qilinchang deposit, which is consistent with the findings of Liu and Lin [21]; that is, the homogenization temperatures were distributed within 150[degrees]C-320[degrees]C, and the decrepitation temperatures of the metallic minerals (pyrite, sphalerite, and galena) ranged within 140[degrees] C-480[degrees]C.
J Gong, "Decrepitation thermometry and compositions of fluid inclusions of the Damoqujia gold deposit, Jiaodong gold province, China: implications for metallogeny and exploration," Journal of Earth Science, vol.
To prevent decrepitation, some previous homogenization studies of CIs were performed under elevated external pressures in cold-sealed pressure vessels [3,18-20].