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Dutch Echographic Cardiac Risk Evaluation Applying Stress Echo. A trial that compared the cardioprotective effect of a beta-blocker—bisoprolol—in high-risk patients undergoing major vascular surgery with standard therapy
Results 20 serious cardiac events, cardiac deaths or MIs occurred with standard therapy, 2 with beta-blockers
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* Lower operating expenses by decreasing data center square footage, cooling and electrical power requirements.
A caloric deficit can actually be achieved by decreasing caloric intake, increasing caloric output (through additional activity), or a combination of the two.
During rehydration, an effective way of replacing the decreasing blood volume due to sweating is by combining sodium chloride with water (11).
(1.) Alexander GR, Kogan MD and Nabukera S, Racial differences in prenatal care use in the United States: are disparities decreasing? American Journal of Public Health, 2002, 92(12): 1970-1975.
In the EVA materials, all coagents tested relatively equivalent by decreasing water absorption approximately 50% from the control's values.
Expenditures for durable goods fell 6.0 percent in the fourth quarter after jumping 9.5 percent in the third quarter and decreasing 1.8 percent in the second.
One possible explanation is that the incidence and/or prevalence of severe mental illness is decreasing over time, but there is no evidence to support this idea (Surles, 1986).
The Medicare consumer can be predicted to oppose VPS in the long term if the provider argument of decreasing access to care and eventual rationing under a budgeted restriction on the growth of Medicare axlej itures is correct.
Although ozone levels rise and fall with the solar cycle, the long-term average level is decreasing because CFCs are building up in the stratosphere, he says.
Our model shows that MEHP acts on the granulosa cell by decreasing cAMP stimulated by follicle stimulating hormone and by activating the PPARs, which leads to decreased aromatase transcription.
This study investigates the effect of decreasing cooking temperature from 170[degrees]C to 165[degrees]C, 160[degrees]C, and 155[degrees]C on the kraft pulping of hardwood and the characteristics of the residual lignin in unbleached pulp.