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Dutch Echographic Cardiac Risk Evaluation Applying Stress Echo. A trial that compared the cardioprotective effect of a beta-blocker—bisoprolol—in high-risk patients undergoing major vascular surgery with standard therapy
Results 20 serious cardiac events, cardiac deaths or MIs occurred with standard therapy, 2 with beta-blockers
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Comparing July 2016 with July 2015, the prices of re-exports of goods decreased by 2.
Decreased IT risk from disasters by providing a simple, effective, tool for business continuity planning.
From 1991 to 1997, the proportion of those interviewed who believed that HIV could be spread by kissing an infected person on the cheek decreased significantly, from 17% to 13%.
In combination, these programs may promote increases in volume, as some providers attempt to recoup revenues lost to mandated decreases in fees and decreased balance billings.
Liquidity on Brunswick Corporation decreased from trading in the 9th percentile to the 15th percentile.
For example, chronic occupational exposure to high levels of phthalates is associated with decreased rates of pregnancy and higher rates of miscarriage in female factory workers (Aldyreva et al.
When the scrap was decreased by 5% in the base case (from 10% to 5%), as shown in Table 1, the profits increased by $23.
When analyzed by market group, the data show that the overall output of consumer goods decreased 0.
Clinical advantages of the laparoscopic technique appear to be sixfold: a decrease in postoperative pain because of the very small incision, decreased rupture of parietal incision, decreased wound dehiscence, decreased postoperative adhesions, improved cosemesis, and a simplified postoperative course and thus rapid patient recovery.
Overseas sales in Internal Combustion Engine and Machinery grew substantially, while the domestic sales slightly decreased from the corresponding period in the prior year.
In male rats, the serum level of total testosterone decreased and the corticosterone increased 1 day after DEN treatment.