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Arthonia caesia (Flotow) Korber Common on decorticate logs and on the lower trunks and limbs of a variety of trees including Acer saccharum (#1622).
BROWN County: Niobrara Valley Preserve, 10 miles S of Norden, on bark, Morgan and Egan 282; on Quercus macrocarpa, Ladd 16371, on decorticate log, Ladd 16499;
Bruno, "Sensory Reinforcement of Eyeblink Rate in a Decorticate Human," American Journal of Mental Deficiency 80:6 (May 1976), 665-67; Berntson et al., "The Decerebrate Human: Associative Learning" (note 33).
The growth form of each lichen was determined: foliose (leaf-like), crustose (crust-like) or fruticose (shrub-like) as well as the substrate: saxicolous (growing on concrete, dolomite or granite), corticolous (growing on the bark of trees or shrubs), lignicolous (growing on wood or decorticate logs) or other (growing on steel, paint, fiberglass, fungi, etc.).
The patient's condition continued to deteriorate, with decorticate posturing to painful stimuli.
During the 2 weeks following hospitalization, he was mute with decorticate posture and myocionic movements of all four limbs.
Older studies have reported occasional hemiplegia, choreoathetosis, and decorticate rigidity, but these sequelae are very rare.[20,21]
* Glasgow Coma Scale <6 20 6-12 23 >12 2 * Posture Decorticate 4 (8.7%) Decerebrate 8(17.4%) Normal/Others 34(73.9%) * Blood pressure Normal 30(65.2%) Low 6(13%) High_ 10(21.8%) * Cranial nerve palsy Present 7(15.2%) Absent 39 (84.8%) * Tone Increased 18(39.1%) Decreased 11 (23.9%) Normal 17(37%) * Motor deficit Diffuse signs 19(76.1%) Hemiparesis 8 (17.4%) Monoparesis 1 (2.1%) Paraparesis 2 (4.3%) * Meningeal signs Present 12 (26.1%) Absent 34(73.9%) * Raised Intracranial tension Present 14(30.4%) Absent 32(69.6%) * Splenomegaly [+ or -] hepatomegaly Present 9(19.6%) Absent 37(80.4%) * Most of the cases had a GCS of less than 12 on presentation to the hospital Only 2(4.3%)) had a GCS more than 12 and these were cases of simple partial seizure.
Finally, the disease progresses to complete mental and physical dysfunction, epileptic seizures, and decorticate posturing (Wallace).
Once all the screws are placed in position we open the facet joint, thoroughly decorticate the articulate surfaces and pack small pieces of bone chips retrieved from the excised spinous process.
Pediatric patient with head injury may be brought unconscious, posturing (Decerebrate or decorticate), or actively convulsing.