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Immunology To positively stain cells or tissues by immunoperoxidase; when a cell or tissue has an antigen of interest—e.g., cytokeratin—it is said to be ‘decorated’ if it stains with monoclonal antibodies to cytokeratin The substrate for most immunohistochemical methods yields a red-brown color, and these techniques are thus generically known as ‘brown stains’
Vox populi
(1) To furnish or adorn with something ornamental; embellish
(2) To confer a particular honour on a person, especially military—e.g., a medal for bravery
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"A millionaire probably won't want to use Decorating Den," concedes Sharon.
'I saw huge rush of children and youngsters at these stalls to buying flags and stickers for decorating their cars and vans which reflect their patriotic spirit and enthusiasm, ' said a roadside vendor.
“Here at Home Decorating Co., we understand that with so many color, bedding and furniture options available it can be hard to perfectly achieve a certain design style.
The college has two female painting and decorating lecturers, and 14 of the current students are female.
The Crown Decorating Centre, based on the Ringway Industrial Estate, is giving tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts the opportunity to win the prize just for calling in and picking their favourite colour from on-trend schemes on display at the site.
chatted with Ameed Saegh, one of the pastry chefs from Media Rotana who will be taking part in the cake decorating competition which started yesterday and runs until tomorrow.
The Bridle Road-based business said that having three ISO standards qualifies it as "one of, if not the most" qualified and professionally equipped painting and decorating companies in the UK.
Gaelen, president and chief executive officer of O.Berk, his company was actually the first customer of AQL Decorating nearly 42 years ago.
Jan Koivula, CEO of Lindgens, said that in the past, metal decorating was supplied by ink and paint companies that did not consider the segment to be a core business.
Semi-automatic and automatic flat-bed screen-printing equipment for decorating plastic sheets from 9 x 12 in.
IF you're currently experiencing blurred vision, confusion and fatigue, you'll be relieved to know you're not an early victim of bird flu - you're probably suffering from a seasonal affliction called Decorating Dismay.
Cake bakers with a yearning to make their creations look a little more spectacular attended the cake decorating demonstration at Dobbies, in Mancetter, and all came away with an icing gun.