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1. A mathematic technique for solution of functions whose input includes their output; used to solve for the image elements in computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.
2. Computer-based process for enhancing image definition in microscopy.
[de- + L. convulutio, a rolling up, fr. convolvo, to roll up]
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00 ppm that by deconvolution analysis never accounted for >10% of the measured serum/plasma GlycA signal.
When fish density was low enough deconvolution analysis was used to estimate average acoustic backscattering cross sections and density, and echo integration was used when fish density was large (Hedgepeth et al.
KEY WORDS: bioavailability, BPA, chronic exposure, deconvolution analysis, endocrine disruptor, food effect, oral bolus, pharmacokinetic analysis.
These burst-type AE signals correspond to specific physical events and can be characterized with Green's functions using methods such as deconvolution analysis, moment tensor analysis and simulation analysis when conditions are favorable.
Deconvolution analysis of cardiac natriuretic peptides during acute volume overload.