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Rarely used term for surgical separation of tissues or organs which are adherent, either normally or pathologically.
[Fr. ungluing]
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Gently eastdipping reflectors beneath the Bottle Lake pluton (BLP) at 2 to 3 seconds depth are interpreted as northwest-directed blind thrusts above a possible decollement (D).
This belt is formed along west dipping, imbricated structures, rooting down to a 5-6 km deep main decollement (Figure 3 a, b)..
The Salt Range Thrust and decollement zone under the Potwar Plateau are the main tectonic features of the Eastern Salt Range (Figure 5).
(1) Basement group (Precambrian), (2) Lower mobile group (Hormuz salt, decollement level), (3) Competent group
C'est une action humanitaire A cette occasion donc, l'AMFE en collaboration avec l'IFE a organise des interventions chirurgicales pour implantation de cornees, decollement de retine, cataractes et autres interventions de hautes technologies, surtout chez les enfants.
Sediment accretion, subduction, and dewatering at the base of the slope off Costa Rica: a seismic reflection view of the decollement. J.
Il traduit toute la difficulte de decollement que le sujet rencontre, contraint a reprendre sur le meme mode les effets de la survenue du traumatisme.
Structurally, this shale acts as decollement surfaces and serves as the dominant glide plane surface for thrust faults in the region.
Thin silt/fines layer between the upper and lower sands represent a decollement surface as a mark of shear during the plate transport.
* Pour provoquer le decollement de la gangue, le potentiel delectrolyse est choisi de facon que la decomposition de l'eau entraine le degagement de microbulles d'hydrogene gazeux a l'interface entre le metal et sa gangue.
and Stamatakos, J.A.: 1999, Role of a ductile decollement in the development of pull-apart basins: Experimental results and natural examples.