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To convert encrypted electronic information to plain text.
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They then decode for the presence of prediction errors (ie.
For CPM-RID decoding scheme, we first construct a submatrix [H*.sub.0] with the size of 4x768 to decode. For our proposed method, we first use NN to train the weights of Tanner graph and then start to decode.
Decode has been fast emerging as the go-to party place for Delhites," said chief owner Piyush Jain, a couple of years ago in an interview.
While the most common regenerative protocol referred as Decode and Forward (DF) which relay decode and re-encode the received signal and forward to the destination.
Although the ultrahigh frequency bands are not included in our decoding system, they might contain additional useful information and be useful to decode the finer hand movements.
With Teledyne LeCroy's generic High-Speed Serial Trigger and Decode option for NRZ rates up to 6.5 Gb/s or 14.1 Gb/s, hardware triggering can be extended to many bus types including DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, FibreChannel, InfiniBand, and XAUI.
The relay node decodes the intercepted packets, reencodes them, and performs network coding on the information received from both of the information nodes.
It receives IP transport streams and decodes and demultiplexes (demuxes) them to 4 HD-SDI or HDMI outputs, depending on the version purchased.
The decoding process in [4] is based on the well-known Gauss-Jordan elimination algorithm but it can progressively decode data on arrival of each partial data block.
When destination node receives DataNum data packets that are linearly dependent, then it can decode the initial data packet and source node stops sending the DataNum data packets.
M2 PHARMA-October 24, 2013-NextCODE Health inks exclusive licence deal for deCODE genetics' genomics platform(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Then in near real-time, demodulate and decode to a viewable format.