a slope or a slanting surface. In anatomy, the part of the vermis of the cerebellum just caudal to the primary fissure.
 Median section of cerebellum, showing declive. From Dorland's, 2000.
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(dē-klīv'), [TA]
The posterior sloping portion of the monticulus of the vermis of the cerebellum; vermal lobule immediately caudal to the primary fissure; lobule VI.
Synonym(s): declivis, lobulus clivi
[L. declivis, sloping downward, fr. clivus, a slope]
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(dē-klīv') [TA]
The posterior sloping portion of the monticulus of the vermis of the cerebellum; vermal lobule caudal to the primary fissure.
Synonym(s): declivis.
[L. declivis, sloping downward, fr. clivus, a slope]
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