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heterophoria in which there is deviation of the visual axis of one eye from the anteroposterior axis in the absence of visual fusional stimuli.
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A bending, sloping, or other deviation from a normal vertical position.
[L. declinatio, a bending aside]
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Q. what can be the reasons my hearing capability decline? i am 30 years old ... and i'm in great shape , don't have chronic health issues , never had . but recently i found my self "missing" parts while my friends are speaking to me , and it is not just that , i feel like my hearing capability decline rapidly for the last few months , what can it be ? and what should i do ?

A. There are many possible reasons for hearing loss. It can be due to a simple ear-wax plug, that can be easy taken out by a Ear-Nose-Throat specialist. It can also be due to a chronic middle ear infection, or gradual hearing damage due to loud noise. Either way you should see a doctor that can refer you to further evaluation tests.

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The declination letter should not include only a summary or paraphrasing of the referenced policy language nor, as I have seen on a number of occasions, should this generalization be presented in quotation marks as if it is actual contract language.
[y.sub.1] = reduction of energy consumption, if certain declination of pump proportional pressure control curves is applied (in comparison with constant differential pressure control) in %
Nationwide, insurers' average rejection rate exceeds one in five applications within the individual and family insurance markets--significantly higher than findings from a 2010 congressional study of the largest for-profit insurers, which found a declination rate of one in seven applications.
HealthPocket, a free website that compares and ranks all health plans, analyzed publicly available insurance records of 9,450 plans for individuals and families under the age of 65 to determine the average declination rate of health insurance applications, and compared this average to the declination rate of individual insurers.
Even when seen from more southerly declinations, Sculptor is a faint constellation whose brightest stars are only 4th magnitude, so the constellation will probably be all but invisible from the UK.
Declination rates on Latvian territory varies from 4[degrees] to 8[degrees] (Fig.
Some 15 insurance representatives testified last month at the Department's hearing on the re promulgator., which was dictated by the enactment of revisions to Section 2118 of the Insurance Law aimed at simplifying procedures for excess tine brokers in the unauthorized market by reducing paper work as well as the number of required declinations by primary market insurers.
This effect is especially pronounced when the sun reaches its extreme points of declination, such as now.
Declination is the angle from the celestial equator moving away from it at right angles with + to the north and--to the south.
We are not providing the declination data furnished by NASA, because the data is not sufficiently reliable.
392), I believe that the term declination was used in error.
Since that time, the letter of declination has been included in an officer's OSR.