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heterophoria in which there is deviation of the visual axis of one eye from the anteroposterior axis in the absence of visual fusional stimuli.


/dec·li·na·tion/ (dek″lĭ-na´shun) cyclophoria.


A bending, sloping, or other deviation from a normal vertical position.
[L. declinatio, a bending aside]

Patient discussion about declination

Q. what can be the reasons my hearing capability decline? i am 30 years old ... and i'm in great shape , don't have chronic health issues , never had . but recently i found my self "missing" parts while my friends are speaking to me , and it is not just that , i feel like my hearing capability decline rapidly for the last few months , what can it be ? and what should i do ?

A. There are many possible reasons for hearing loss. It can be due to a simple ear-wax plug, that can be easy taken out by a Ear-Nose-Throat specialist. It can also be due to a chronic middle ear infection, or gradual hearing damage due to loud noise. Either way you should see a doctor that can refer you to further evaluation tests.

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The calculation of annual energy consumption for centrifugal pumps of various designs was carried out during the analysis of the calculated proportional pressure control mode with the certain declinations of pump control curves (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%) (WinCAPS 2011; WiloSelect 2010) (Figure 5).
Plans with the five highest declination rates include South Dakota's John Alden Life Insurance Company (73%), Utah's Assurant Health (71%), North Dakota's Assurant Health (58%), Kentucky's Time Insurance Company (56%), and Idaho's Assurant Health (55%).
Additionally, some non-profit insurance companies have higher declination rates than for-profit insurers, analysts found.
Average increase of declination for the territory of Latvia is from 0,089582 to 0,195902[degrees] per year.
Commenting on the provision putting the number of required declinations at three, Bouhan said the legislation also gives the superintendent authority to adjust the number of declinations up or down from three, depending on the particular coverage.
This algorithm is based on 0[degrees] declination at the March equinox.
If the actual declination at time of placement is not correctly implemented, the output of these valuable renewable-energy resources is negatively impacted.
Shifting the declination by 45[degrees] to the east or west shifted the pattern of orientation of internal mound cells, but not exactly corresponding to the 45[degrees] shift in the magnetic cues.
Unless you're working with a map, you don't have to know about declination.
The competing teams of speleologists at Cheve, like scientists working in caves everywhere, use three instruments: a magnetic compass for measuring declination, or direction; an inclinometer for downward slope; and a tape measure for distance.
Barents's most important written work is his very elaborate "Caertboeck" (chart-book) of the Mediterranean (Barents, 1595), which also contains his own solar declination tables.