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Dec page, face sheet Health insurance A part, often on the first page, of an insurance policy, which personalizes the policy by specifying certain information
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Q. My mom was declared "unable to live alone" Hello there, my husband is considering a job opportunity in Huntsville, so we are reviewing relocation concerns. One of the biggest is: in February my mom was declared "unable to live alone" based on her psychiatric and physical wellness. As I am an only child, she will be making the move from CA with us. Aside from needing to identify a good neighborhood and school for my three and five yr old, I really need to know about any supportive services for people diagnosed with Bipolar/Schizophrenia. Can anyone help? Advance Thanks!

A. Thank you so much for all of the leads. I need all of the help I can get!

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Sixteen months later representatives--dubbed the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group--met in Beirut, Lebanon to develop plans to build on the first meeting and continue to build on the progress made since they met 16 months ago.
"The Harper government has said that the Declaration is unworkable.
And I have always thought it would be good if there was such a thing (a new declaration),'' he told reporters.
Under the Qatar declaration the WHO assures its cooperation on issues such as overall Health Sector Policy and Sector Management.
It also found that a number of applicants had not received the Explanatory Booklet and declaration letter.
Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips' declaration has since been published by the Commission and in a statement earlier this week, Phillips threatened to take the Integrity Commission to court for failing to provide an explanation for the delay in publishing Prime Minister Holness' statutory declarations.
The first thing that needs to be done is that the data from asset declarations going back to the 1988 elections needs to be processed into a form that renders it comparable across time, and all of it should be posted online.
Under Republic Act 10863, or An Act Modernizing the Customs and Tariff Administration, all imported goods shall be subject to the lodgement of a goods declaration.
The New Malaysia Declaration is DAP's 11th proclamation since its formation on March 18, 1966.
The Declaration, which was the basis for the assessments, was recorded in the Land Records of Howard County in 1966.

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