decision-support tools

de·ci·sion-sup·port tools

(dĕ-sizh'ŭn sup-port' tūlz)
Computer-based information systems that help support decision-making activities.
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Decisive Farming customers will benefit directly from the hyper-localised forecasts and other decision-support tools DTN offers.
"This will uniquely enable us to provide accurate weather forecasts and analytics-based decision-support tools that improve our customers' operations."
Said Krishnaumar (KK) Davey, president of strategic analytics for IRI: "We are continuously investing in new data partnerships, new analytics solutions and decision-support tools that enable brands, retailers and agencies to gain deeper insights more rapidly, which optimizes the impact of campaigns."
6 June 2017 - Swiss investment services group TBG AG has closed its acquisition of US-based information services, supply chain connectivity solutions and decision-support tools provider DTN from French electrical components maker Schneider Electric SE (PAR: SCHN) for a total consideration of USD 900m, the company said.
Because these plans are designed specifically to empower consumers, many include decision-support tools designed to help their members make more informed health care decisions.
Susannah Graves, who works at Maputo Central Hospital, explained in the forum: "We use clinical decision-support tools in the medicine department library, and on handheld devices on the ward.
IHS Inc (NYSE: HIS), a provider of critical information, decision-support tools and related services, stated on 3 February that the ability to manage CAIR (Clean Air Interstate Rule) nitrogen oxides (NOX) allowances will be added to its ecoAsset Manager software solution in the new version 10.2, to be released in August 2009.
Flight Explorer is a flight operations management tool that integrates flight tracking data with decision-support tools. It incorporates multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, situational alerts, detailed maps and forecast weather.
Productivity is reinforced with features such as decision-support tools with autoverification, automated clinical reporting, and multisite managements.
To assist employers and plan participants in the age of consumer-driven health plans, Unified Group Services is offering members a complete suite of decision-support tools that allow consumers to take charge of their healthcare.
To address these problems, for the past three years work at the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Testing CRESST at UCLA has focused on the following objectives: (1) Design and develop a decision support tool, the web-based Quality School Portfolio (QSP) version 4.0; (2) Develop a standardized training system for trainers and end users with certification for trainers; (3) Implement a national rollout of QSP with multiple approaches to training and support; (4) Conduct evaluation research to evaluate the effectiveness of the features and functions of QSP, the effectiveness of the training, and the benefits of QSP use on educational improvement; and (5) Design requirements for the 5th generation of decision-support tools using results from the foregoing objectives.
* reliance on analytical or decision-support tools to measure success of human resources initiatives;