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a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as the ability to make judgments and choose between two or more alternatives. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.


n the process of coming to a conclusion or making a judgment.
decision-making, evidence-based,
n a type of informal decision-making that combines clinical expertise, patient concerns, and evidence gathered from scientific literature to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. See also evidence-based care.
decision-making, statistical,
n a type of formal decision-making that proceeds from a hypothesis to a conclusion by incorporating such techniques as statistical inference and significance, probability analysis, literature review, sampling, and discussion.
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This IDC Manufacturing Insights report examines some of the challenges manufacturers face in seeking to support a multidisciplinary decision-making environment and offers a framework for how visualization technologies can help to address these challenges.
In the present study, regarding the decision-making style, the subjects were divided into four groups of Decisive, Flexible, Hierarchic, and Integrative, and were exposed to a test for speculating the share prices with the use of the financial statements of 6 actual companies.
There is well-documented concern in the nursing literature that decision-making among novice nurses tends to be linear, based on limited knowledge and experience in the profession, and focused on single tasks or problems.
In fact, "60% of articles that purport to focus on shared decision-making failed to include any conceptual definition at all.
But this is also true for higher cognitive and moral functions, like complex decision-making and ethical reasoning (Gaudine & Thorne, 2001).
The careers and career decision-making of today's teenagers will likely not resemble that of their teachers or parents.
What is considered rational may assume different meanings for different people based on their worldview, decision-making style, cultural orientation and life circumstances.
Recapture intuition as a factor in decision-making, fostering dialogue, debate and discovery to develop meaningful scenarios, create practical action plans and identify the first signs of flawed decision-making.
Quimby and O'Brien found that, in a sample of nontraditional college women who were at risk for dropping out of school, perceived social support and perceived barriers accounted for variance in student career decision-making self-efficacy and in career decision making itself.
Crupi, asserts that acquisition professionals who have developed psychological and cultural preferences for ORSA-style decision making may be blinded to other decision-making rubrics and the valuable insights that can be derived from them.
This article investigates issues in the areas of work outcomes, self-determination, career decision-making skills, person centered planning, and transitional planning for students with disabilities.
The underlying theme of this course is the need for military officers and civilian officials to develop habits of cooperation within an interagency decision-making process.

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