decision making

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decision making

The use of adequate information to come to a conclusion and make choices.
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Patient discussion about decision making

Q. i doubt one of my classmates to be a bipolar. She is not able to make decisions. I doubt one of my classmates to be a bipolar. She had recently joined our college. Initially she was well and used to chat with us, but with a little low energy. We thought she will be fine once she knows us well. But this never happened, rather it’s getting difficult for her to keep a good relation with us and she always remains depressed. She has some difficulty in concentrating during class hours. She is not able to make decisions and she also has difficulty in following the rules. She even remains silent and tired with no more energy to think. I wonder if she is a bipolar…can anyone give some information on this…...

A. Find a time that you can talk to her alone about how she has been feeling. See if you can find out more about her. It sounds to me like she is suffering from depression, I am not so sure about bipolar? Does she have times of excessive energy? excessive spending? Inability to sleep? If not than I would think that she is suffering from depression. Either way let her know that you care about her and want her to be well. Let her know you are there for her if she wants to talk or if she needs anything and if the time is right ask her if she would be willing to go and talk to a professional about what has been going on? The best you can do for her as her friend is to be understanding and patient and continue to try including her in the things you are doing. Understand if she declines but always let her know the invite is there. It can be hard to maintain a friendship with someone who is withdrawing but you would not even imagine how important it is for you to keep in touch with he

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