deciduous dentition

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the teeth in the dental arch, usually referring to the natural teeth in position in the alveoli.
deciduous dentition primary teeth; see tooth.
mixed dentition the complement of teeth in the jaws after eruption of some of the permanent teeth, but before all the deciduous teeth are shed.
permanent dentition permanent teeth; see tooth.
primary dentition primary teeth; see tooth.
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de·cid·u·ous tooth

a tooth of the first set of teeth, comprising 20 in all, that erupts between 6-24 months of life.
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de·cid·u·ous tooth

(dĕ-sij'ū-ŭs tūth) [TA]
One of the first set of teeth, comprising 20 in all, which erupt between the mean ages of 6 and 28 months of life.
Synonym(s): dens deciduus [TA] , baby tooth, deciduous dentition, milk dentition, milk tooth, primary dentition, primary tooth, temporary tooth.
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(12) It affects permanent rather than deciduous dentition. (10) When oligodontia is associated with a syndrome there may be abnormalities of the skin, nails, eyes, ears and skeleton.
The prevalence of malocclusion in the deciduous dentition was high in the present study (62.4%).
Replacement of the deciduous dentition began at 8 postnatal wk.
Prevalence of supernumerary teeth in permanent dentition is about 0.1-3.6 %, whereas in deciduous dentition it is lower; 0.3-0.8%.
Of the total sample, 21 children had deciduous dentition and 59 had mixed dentition, with an average of 14 deciduous and 8 permanent teeth present in the oral cavity.
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To avoid future complications in developing permanent teeth, traumatic injuries to deciduous dentition need regular follow up.
Spacing has been usually considered as an essential feature of the ideal deciduous dentition. Spacing in the deciduous teeth has been called "developmental spacing" by Graber (1985).
(15-18) In contrast, others (19,20) found no differences in mandibular growth in Class II subjects from the deciduous dentition through the permanent dentition.
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DMF (Diseases, Missed, Filled) index was introduced in 1983 by Klein, Palmer and Knutson.11 Since then it is used successfully for reporting caries experience in dental epidemiology for both permanent and deciduous dentition as it is simple and easy to use.