decidual reaction

de·cid·u·al re·ac·tion

the cellular and vascular changes occurring in the endometrium at the time of implantation.
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Pregnancy-associated diffuse malignant fibrous mesothelioma of peritoneum: immunohistochemical studies of ectopic decidual reaction and concomitant myofibroblastic and mesothelial proliferations.
The immunophenotype of human decidua and extra-uterine decidual reactions. Histopathology.
The histopathology of the tissue from the POD revealed products of conception while that retrieved from the uterus revealed endometrial tissue with decidual reaction.
An ultrasound was done before moving on to any further management and USG revealed a single live pregnancy of 9.2 weeks at previous LSCS scar with thinned out myometrium between decidual reaction of G sac and posterior urinary bladder wall suggesting a caesarean scar ectopic pregnancy.
Normal early development Decidual reaction appears first
(6) Term migration is clearly a misnomer, because decidual reaction by chorionic villi on either side of cervical OS persists.
Reported cases of decidual reaction of the intestine have shown involvement of the appendix, the terminal ileum, the cecum, and the sigmoid colon, resulting in obstruction or severe bleeding.
Florid decidual reaction mimicking gastrointestinal malignancy in a primipara woman.
A thin (<2 mm) decidual reaction around a gestational sac is a worrisome sign, as is an enlarged or calcified yolk sac.
Endometriotic foci may undergo a decidual reaction, hyper secretory glandular changes and arias stella reaction as a response to intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy.
Endotoxins released by microorganisms and the decidual reaction may stimulate uterine contractions and weaken fetal membranes respectively (5).