decidua basalis

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a name applied to the endometrium during pregnancy, all of which except for the deepest layer is shed after childbirth; called also decidual or deciduous membranes. adj., adj decid´ual.
basal decidua (decidua basa´lis) that portion lying under the implanted ovum and chorion.
capsular decidua (decidua capsula´ris) that portion directly overlying the implanted ovum and chorion, facing the uterine cavity.
menstrual decidua (decidua menstrua´lis) the hyperemic uterine mucosa shed during menstruation.
parietal decidua (decidua parieta´lis) (true decidua) (decidua ve´ra) the decidua exclusive of the area occupied by the implanted ovum and chorion.
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de·cid·u·a ba·sa·lis

the area of endometrium between the implanted chorionic sac and the myometrium, which develops into the maternal part of the placenta.
Synonym(s): decidua serotina
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de·cid·ua ba·sa·lis

(dē-sij'ū-ă bā-sā'lis) [TA]
The area of endometrium between the implanted chorionic sac and the myometrium, which develops into the maternal part of the placenta.
Synonym(s): decidua serotina.
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BMSCs: bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells; PDB-MSCs: placenta decidua basalis derived mesenchymal stem cells; USCs: urine-derived stem cells.
Infarction is the tissue necrosis due to acute blood and oxygen deprivation either to placental membranes or decidua basalis (laminar necrosis) or villous tissue (villous infarction).
(1,82) Laminar necrosis of the decidua basalis has been also described.
The study does not specify if the decidual lymphocyte cells were isolated from decidua basalis or decidua parietalis.
The decidua can be divided into two anatomically different parts; the decidua basalis covers the basal plate of the placenta, while the decidua parietalis lines the fetal membranes.
The factors influencing immune cell composition and activation status in the decidua basalis and parietalis are still poorly characterized, but it is likely that these two sites are differentially influenced by the stromal microenvironment.
MAP occurs when there is a defect in the decidua basalis, resulting in abnormal invasion of the trophoblast into the myometrium.
(4) The diagnosis of abnormal placentation is histological, and reveals the absence or poor development of the decidua basalis associated with varying extents of trophoblasatic villus invasion of the myometrium.
At caesarean, the area of decidua basalis was curetted with uterine curette.
Zone 1 (Decidua basalis)--There is no abnormality seen in this zone in the placenta